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The Library Technical Services (LTS) is among the largest units of the Library by the number of staff. As such, it is also among the largest reservoirs of CUL history and institutional knowledge. As the Library engages with the ongoing transformations of society to deliver world-class physical and digital content and services, every aspect of LTS' works transforms with it. The People in LTS Project aims to:

  • Capture and preserve the wealth of institutional history and knowledge, insights, and ideas through audio-interviewing its staff;
  • Continue building LTS' values and identity in a changing environment;
  • Recognize staff for their ideas, talents, and contributions;
  • Promote LTS

This Project is completely voluntary and open to all LTS staff members. The unedited audio recordings are openly shared with the world on LTS’ website. To access all of these interviews, go to our People in LTS Archive. To learn more about how the Project works, please see here.

To play the interview recording, click on the play button below.