Metadata Production and Consulting Services

Metadata is structured data that facilitates access, administration and preservation of resources.

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We provide expert metadata advice to academic libraries, journal publishers, non-profit organizations, agencies and Cornell University units across multiple fields.

Services include:


  • Review project requirements and make recommendations
  • Analyze existing metadata and recommend transformation strategies, when appropriate
  • Educate and train metadata creators on best practices


  • Identify community metadata standards to best describe and serve resources
  • Create data models that foster seamless access, interoperability and reuse
  • Determine types of access and appropriate repositories that fit project needs
  • Establish workflows for metadata creation or capture


  • Reformat metadata to meet project specifications
  • Modify metadata to conform with community standards or project guidelines
  • Provide quality control throughout project lifecycle

Guiding Principles:

When providing metadata solutions, we consider:

  • Sustainability: meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the client to meet future needs.
  • Extensibility: adjust according to changing circumstances.
  • Accessibility: easy to approach and be used by as many people as possible.
  • Usability: fit and ready for use or service by our clients.
  • Interoperability: enable disparate computer systems to operate cooperatively.
  • Cost consciousness: high quality products and services while acknowledging budgetary limitations.
  • Responsibility: fully perform and enliven products and services in accordance with the agreement, contract or memorandum of understanding.