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WGC Minutes: June 11, 2008

In attendance: Bonna Boettcher, Marijo Wilson, Linda Miller, David Banush, Lois Purcell, Barb Tarbox, Roswitha Clark, Pam Stansbury, Anna Korhonen, Margaret Nichols, Anne Carson, F. Hayes, Jim Spear, Sarah Ross, Zsuzsa Koltay, Randall Miles, Marcia Clark, Zoe Stewart-Marshall, Ed Weissman, Gary Branch, Peter Martinez, Sarah Keen, Adam Chandler, Jim Alberts (chair).

Jim LeBlanc gave an extensive, detailed presentation on the present state of the Worldcat Local (WCL) implementation at Cornell (see Adam Chandler also participated in parts of the presentation. Jim L. used two examples; Lincoln at Gettysburg by Gary Wills and the print version of The New York Times. Both demonstrated quirks in OCLC's indexing and weighting of result sets and problems with the Worldcat/Voyager interaction, especially regarding holdings. An attendee asked whether OCLC had provided any documentation for WCL, and it was generally noted that in the absence of documentation, part of our job is to determine how result sets are created, which fields are being searched, etc.

Jim noted that in title phrase searches, WCL returns words with the title as a phrase first but will ultimately bring back any items with the selected words in the title, as a phrase or not, so some searches that seem like they should be quite narrow in fact return very large result sets.

Jim noted that "editions" brings all of the manifestations of a work in the catalog together in one place; several attendees noted that a less misleading term, like "versions," would be preferable to "editions." Jim also noted that WCL incorporates reviews from Amazon and allows users to write reviews themselves.