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WGC Minutes - January 9, 2002

Present: Iris Wolley, David Banush, Margaret Nichols, Rachel Maines (recorder), Tom Turner, Pam Stansbury, Lois Purcell, Nancy Holcomb, Jim LeBlanc, Jean Pajerek, Linda Miller, Sarah Young, Marijo Wilson, Nathan Rupp

1. Margaret Nichols introduced a new member, Nathan Rupp, who is the new metadata librarian at Mann. He comes to us from the Bucknell University Library.

2. Jim LeBlanc introduced Zoe Stewart-Marshall in absentia. She expects to begin attending WGC meetings next month. Zoe began work as the new Assistant Database Management and Authorities Librarian in late November. The University of Hawaii previously employed her.

3. Members were asked what sessions they intended to cover at the ALA Midwinter meeting in New Orleans.

  • Sarah Young will attend the OCLC metadata session on "Reconceptualizing Cataloging" on Friday. She is also a member of ALCTS CCS and the Policy & Research Committee, and she will be attending those sessions on Saturday and Monday.
  • David Banush will attend the RLG Strategy Focus Group on Friday, and he will be giving a presentation at BIBCO-at-Large. In addition, he will be at the Technical Services Workstation Interest Group (TSWIG) on Monday, and he will be attending the meeting of the PCC Standing Committee on Training, a position to which to which he has been appointed.
  • Jim LeBlanc will attend the OCLC metadata session on Friday, the Cataloging Management Study Group on Saturday, and the BIBCO-at-Large Session on Sunday. He can cover additional sessions if other Cornell attendees have conflicts.
  • Nancy Holcomb will be at the OLAC, MAGERT, and BIBCO-at-Large meetings; ALCTS Electronic Resources Discussion Group, 11:30 AM-1 PM Saturday, January 19; and the PCC SACO Advanced Workshop A, "Proposing Geographic Subject Headings for LCSH", 9 AM to Noon on Friday, January 18. She may also go to the OCLC session.
  • Cecilia Sercan will also go to the OCLC session, and she is the PARS representative at the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access meetings on Saturday. She also expects to attend CONSER-at-Large and Committee to Study Serials Cataloging.
  • Margaret Nichols will be at the RBMS (Rare Books and Manuscripts Section) Bibliographic Standards Committee meeting on Saturday morning.
  • Diane Hillmann will probably go to MARBI, which has meetings on three days.

4. Cecilia Sercan made an announcement about the Bicentennial Conference on Cataloging for the New Millennium. She has received notification that The Library of Congress Action Plan for the Bibliographic Control of Web Resources (available at has been updated to indicate the officials and organizations identified to take lead roles with regard to particular work items, insofar as they were known as of December 19, 2001.

Minutes: Rachel Maines