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WGC Minutes - May 16, 2001

Present: David Banush, Yumin Jiang, Marty Kurth, Rachel Maines, Linda Miller, Margaret Nichols (chair), Jean Pajerek, Lois Purcell, Cecilia Sercan, Pam Stansbury, Tom Turner, Iris Wolley, Marijo Wilson (recorder).

1. Voyager User's Group Meeting (VUGM) update from Tom Turner, Marty Kurth

After displaying his lovely souvenir VUGM commemorative folder, Tom recapped the highlights of the recent meeting that he attended as a CUL representative. At the introductory session Endeavor apologized for the patches, outlined improvements in customer service, and future development plans, including the digital library. They acknowledged the need to improve customer service, noting that the number of support incidents was up 36%. Internal workflow will be changed to meet the increased demand, with the goal of closing out a support incident within 30 days (vs. up to 90 days). Users were also encouraged to bump their requests up the hierarchy if an adequate response was not forthcoming. New releases of Voyager will now be twice a year rather than one monolithic annual release. They will also allow for more workflow testing in-house and plan to implement the practice of having a library participating in an enhancement team serve as a beta tester of what the team is proposing. They have increased staff by 20% and there will be more interaction with beta testers. Endeavor recognizes that users generally experience a drop in productivity with new releases and will be looking for ways to mitigate that side effect. Other planned enhancements include: "MyVoyager", global change enhancements, improving location changes on item records, single client login, and bindery module improvements. Tom also distributed a six page handout covering "Enhancement Problem Statements Cataloging 2001"

Marty has been working on letting Endeavor know what our needs/wants are related to authorities and how the indexes work. He noted the need to change Voyager indexing and searching to improve our ability to get at cross references and authorities in different ways. Marty will be looking at the Voyager enhancement process and any draft proposals related to authorities and indexing improvements, as well as identifying other libraries interested in improving searching capabilities.

In response to Iris' question about improvements to the bulk loading capabilities, Marty said that this was not a topic in the large sessions he attended, nor in the Q&A session. The bulk loader probably is not an issue yet since most of the libraries havn't implemented Voyager 2000.

2. ENCompass review by Tom Turner

At VUGM Cornell, the Getty Institute, and Kansas State University reported on their contributions to ENCompass development. Tom gave us a condensed version of his presentation on "ENCompass at Cornell", dealing with resource discovery and digital collection management. He distributed copies of the handout which included screen shots from ENCompass. "Saving America's Treasures" (SAT), which includes 10,000 anti-slavery pamphlets, was chosen as the test project. After a test load, CU will determine what metadata to add to the records, load additional pamphlets, create a user interface to the collection and conduct user studies. The completion date for all pamphlets to be loaded is June 2002. There are three record types: collection level, container and object; information about the object (e.g. a page) becomes associated with the container (e.g. the pamphlet) and the collection (e.g. SAT). Users will be able to search the full text of the pamphlets and retrieve page images related to their search terms. In response to a question from Margaret, Tom observed that ENCompass should easily accommodate revisions to the records to bring out more aspects of a collection. Tom will have a booth on ENCompass at the CUL Showcase and encouraged people to attend and take advantage of the many displays.

3. June meeting

The date of the June meeting was switched from June 13 to June 20 when most people will have returned from ALA. ALA attendees were asked to post their plans to the list in order to ensure that important meetings are covered.

Minutes: Marijo Wilson