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Working Group on Cataloging: Charge

The Working Group on Cataloging (WGC) is an open forum for all Library staff members who wish to discuss issues of current interest, both local and national or international, with a particular focus on cataloging and bibliographic control. As the need arises, the forum?s scope may occasionally be expanded to cover acquisitions or other technical services topics.

The Director, Library Technical Services charges the WGC to:

  • Share and disseminate information on topics and issues within scope; this exchange will include information applicable within the Library as well as information about broader national and international issues and conferences
  • Provide opportunities for face-to-face interaction of interested Library staff for the purpose of enhancing cooperation and strengthening working relationships
  • Prepare Library responses to national and international standards and rule changes

The chair, who is appointed by the Director, Library Technical Services, sets the agenda for the WGC forums, which are intended to occur every other month. The chair?s term begins in September. The chair selects a recorder for the WGC forums on a rotating basis. WGC membership is open to any interested library staff.