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Library Technical Services Web Team

The CUL Technical Services Web Site Team maintains the CUL Technical Services Web Site. The Team maintains existing site content, adds new content to the site, archives older and obsolete pages, maintains the News component of the site, trains new members of the Team in the administrative and technological upkeep of the site, and works on projects.  We also respond to suggestions and concerns regarding the web site.

In 2005/06, the Team focused on integrating the Web sites of formerly separate technical services units such as CTS and Mann into the LTS web site, integrated several separate sources of documentation into a single set of LTS procedures and documentation, and analyzed the potential of CommonSpot, and recommended a coherent set of Library Technical Services (LTS) online procedures and best practices.  In 2006/07, the group will refine the current site design, train team members and some LTS staff in CommonSpot content contribution and site maintenance, and work on ongoing projects, including incorporating the various LTS project queues into a single database.

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