Cornell University Library Technical Services (LTS) provides a number of services to the Cornell Library community, to libraries outside of Cornell, and to customers outside the library community. These services include MARC record sets for some of the Library's collections and technical services consulting.

LTS Acquisitions and Cataloging staff provide MARC record sets for a number of our collections of digitally scanned materials, including works from the Witchcraft Collection and Making of America project.

In keeping with its mission, LTS provides enhanced access to information resources via state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative services to our community and strives to improve and expand the Library's technology infrastructure for patrons who expect increasingly sophisticated digital tools for scholarship.

LTS fields an organization of information professionals who lead the way in providing innovative services to our patrons, keep pace with current technology, and pursue initiatives to increase the visibility of our unique collections. To these ends, LTS staff will:

  1. Draw on and develop the strong educational, intellectual, and linguistic backgrounds of LTS staff to enhance access to information resources. Support the transition of positions (including cross-training) to address staff needs and the Library's evolving vision and collection profile, with its increased focus on electronic services and the implementation of innovative technologies.
  2. Strengthen our technology infrastructure to automate routine processing, collaborate seamlessly with local and remote colleagues, and manage projects effectively.
  3. Provide timely support and troubleshooting to improve end-user access to online resources.
  4. Maintain accuracy of the records in our discovery systems through targeted cleanup of data, timely transfer and withdrawal of materials, and larger projects such as retrospective barcoding and batch-modification of holdings data during book moves.
  5. Continue to develop and deploy a range of metadata services to meet the evolving information needs of our clients, building on LTS's history of offering consultation services for describing information resources.
  6. Remain committed to our zero-backlog policy for circulating items through adequate staffing and a combination of automated and streamlined cataloging strategies.
  7. Assist in minimizing the cataloging backlog for special collections, responding to increasing researcher demand for unique materials.
  8. Participate in usability and assessment studies to create and maintain resource discovery systems and online information that respond to the expectations of our users.
  9. Expand the LTS Website to reflect the 2CUL organizational structure, policies and practices, and continue to maintain its accuracy.