Parts of a Book


[p. 1] = front cover

[p. 2] = inside front cover

[p. 3] = inside back cover

[p. 4] = back cover


The title page(s) of an item, the verso of the title page(s), any pages preceding the title page(s), and the cover.

Added title page

A title page preceding or following the title page chosen as the basis for the description of the item. It may be more general (e.g., a series title page), or equally general (e.g., a title page in another language). See also Series title page.

Half title (page)

A title of a publication appearing on a leaf preceding the title page.

Series title page

An added title page bearing the series title proper and usually, though not necessarily, other information about the series (e.g., statement of responsibility, numeric designation, data relating to publication, title of the item within the series).

 Title page

A page at the beginning of an item bearing the title proper and usually, though not necessarily, the statement of responsibility and the data relating to publication. The leaf bearing the title page is commonly called the ?title page? although properly called the ?title leaf.? See also Added title page.

Title page verso or C.I.P. page

Back of title page

Masthead (page)

A statement of title, ownership, editors, etc., of a newspaper or periodical. In the case of newspapers it is commonly found on the editorial page or at the top of page one, and, in the case of periodicals, on the contents page.

Caption title (page)

A title given at the beginning of the first page of the text or, in the case of a musical score, immediately above the opening bars of the music.


1. The right-hand page of a book, usually bearing an odd page number.

2. The side of a printed sheet intended to be read first.


1. The left-hand page of a book, usually bearing an even page number. 

2. The side of a printed sheet intended to be read second.


A statement at the end of an item giving information about one or more of the following: the title, author(s), publisher, printer, date of publication or printing. It may include other information.


A protective envelope for a bibliographic resource (e.g., disc).