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This document summarizes the status of technical services projects that are currently in progress. For information about projects that are inactive or completed, see LTS Completed or Inactive Projects.
For explanations of priorities, see Priority definitions

Dpt Sub Dpt Project Name Priority Target Date Contact Other Contributors Notes
Acq Complete MSO purchase orders in Voyager 2-In Process 2010 Boaz Nadav-Manes, Natalya Pikulik

Complete all cancelled MSO orders in Voyager, close the checkin patterns and update notes

Acq Availability Study for unfulfilled ILS Requests 2-In Process Information submitted by Oct. 2010 Pedro Arroyo Caitlin Finlay, Boaz Nadav-Manes

Initiative to gauge the availability of items not obtainable by Inter-Library Services. ...

Acq-Cat Population Development Program (PDP) Library Project 2-In Process 2011-12-31 Pam Stansbury Pedro Arroyo

Project to move approximately 7,000 volumes to Mann Library and Annex, with the difference (~3,...

Acq-Cat Knight Visual Resources Transfer to Fine Arts Library 3-On hold 2010-12-31 Pedro Arroyo Pam Stansbury

Approx. 850 DVDs (more items possible later) to be processed for Fine Arts Library. ...

Acq-Cat Small Gifts from various Departments 2-In Process 2009-10-30 Pedro Arroyo

Coincidental receipt of several small gifts  (<100) within a short period from...

CMS Cat Bound 19th cent. sheet music 3-On hold 2012-12-31 Tracey Snyder

Binders' collections of sheet music in Music Library (located in compact shelving near reference...

CMS Cat Provine gift 2-In Process 2014-12-31 Margaret Nichols David Corson, Ardeen White, Roswitha Clark

Books on evolution, ca. 1860-present; mainly English, French, German.  Many vols. have copy...

CMS Cat Icelandic backlog 2-In Process 2012-12-31 Margaret Nichols Roswitha Clark, Patrick Stevens

Catalog backlog of both rare and regular Icelandic materials.

CMS Cat Loose manuscripts in 4600 3-On hold 2012-12-31 Margaret Nichols Ardeen White

Catalog individual items in archival collection 4600 (misc. manuscripts).  Roughly 1305...

CMS Cat OCLC Serials reclamation clean-up 2-In Process 2012-06-01 Pam Stansbury Apikanya McCarty, Ardeen White, Sarah Ross, Roswitha Clark

About 3,000 titles are completed.  Pam is working on the Engineering Tech Reports. ...

CMS Cat Human Sexuality collection: Weintraub 3-On hold 2014-12-31 Margaret Nichols Roswitha Clark, Anne Carson

About 125 v. of books remaining to be cataloged (out of 460); also, 41 cubic ft. of serials to...

CMS Cat 2CUL Korean cataloging 1-High 2012-06-30 Glen Wiley Sung Ok Kim, Sarah Elman, Pam Stansbury

At least 100 records/month.  Currently trying to get up to the current month's shipment.

CMS Cat Library Owned Resources in eCommons 1-High 2012-06-30 Pam Stansbury Glen Wiley, Lois Purcell

Come up with new workflows for these new types of resources (and all their exceptions). ...

CMS Cat Punk Music & Fanzines 2-In Process 2014-12-31 Margaret Nichols Beth Anne Kelly

Consists of collections 8054 (Geoffrey Weiss punk coll.), 8061 (Jon Savage punk music coll.),...

CMS Meta Coin database 2-In Process 2012-06-01 Jason Kovari Danielle Mericle

Set up collection in Shared Shelf.  Train faculty member to use cataloging interface and...

CMS Meta Library Liaisons - Scholarly Communication Awareness 2-In Process 2013-04-01 Wendy Kozlowski Gail Steinhart, Oya Rieger

Ongoing (repeated in Spring 2013) program to educate library liaisons on issues of scholarly...

DMS Bib ids with language code triple slash 3-On hold 2012-12-31 Barb Tarbox

Language code in bibliographic record has triple slash.

DMS Bib ids with non-MARC language code 3-On hold 2012-12-31 Barb Tarbox

Language code in bibliographic record is a non-MARC code.

DMS Bib ids with null language code 3-On hold 2012-12-31 Barb Tarbox

Lanugage code in bibliographic record is null.

DMS Bib ids with language code text is not listed in MARC code 3-On hold 2012-12-31 Barb Tarbox

Language code text in bibliographic record is not listed in MARC code.

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