LTS Aspirational Goals, 2015-

LTS Aspirational Goals, 2015

Note: This document is intended to supplement the more comprehensive “LTS Priorities, 2013-2015.”

  1. Improve continually and pro-actively the collective suite of LTS services, both well-established and progressive, by making them seamless and frictionless to the patrons and colleagues who rely on us for acquisition of and access to both physical and electronic resources.
  2. Create and adapt workflows to support acquisition of and access to new and emerging content formats, working either independently or with partners and vendors.
  3. Increase in-house capacity for technical services automation, e-resource acquisition and management, and non-MARC metadata services.
  4. Influence pro-actively the development and interoperability of products and services from commercial and other providers, including the adoption of technologies and practices that will better serve our users’ needs.
  5. Support discovery systems and other linked data efforts across CUL by enhancing metadata (e.g. through the addition of unique identifiers and other elements) and by developing expertise in SOLR indexing.
  6. Assume responsibility, where helpful and appropriate, for those workflows that support experimental systems such as BIBFRAME, VIVO and LD4L, as they mature into production services.
  7. Support enhanced services by working with stakeholders to optimize the design, production, utilization, and ongoing maintenance of metadata that serve as their basis.
  8. Foster and materially support a culture of continuous learning, engagement, adaptability, opportunity, and empowerment that will support LTS and CUL priorities and goals, as well as succession planning within LTS and beyond.
  9. Seek solutions to local problems at the consortial- or national-level, whenever appropriate.
  10. Enhance visibility, both locally and nationally, for our expertise and image; aim to be the most respected technical services operation in North America.

Revised, 2/24/15